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Q-Link Wholesale Programs

Key Highlights

  • 40-70% discount off MRP (based upon initial purchase and rolling volumes)
  • Includes access to the Q-Link Business Portal and assets including product image library, media/press, research, marketing materials, official Q-Link reseller web seal and more.
  • Includes full affiliate functionality
  • Includes drop-ship capability
  • Access to Q-Link sales/marketing team members and technical support

Popular Q-Link Sales Venues

  • Spas - Fitness Centers - Yoga Studios
  • Chiropractic/Alternative Offices - Health/Natural Food Stores
  • Sporting Good Stores - Golf & other Pro Shops
  • Trade Shows & Expos

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Select Reseller Comments

Q-Link has been a tremendous addition to our Holistic Wellness Practice. These products pretty much sell themselves once we start sharing the benefits of wearing them. Most of our patients notice a change in their energy level within a few hours. Their headaches or even earaches from their cell phones disappear. Many have shared with us they no longer feel sleepy at the computer. More importantly their overall well being changes dramatically. I have even noticed changes in their physical appearance. They look like they have their life back. Whether it be a Q-Link CLEAR, Pendant or Cuff, these products work. We have difficulty keeping them in stock. This is a wonderful company do be aligned with as a business partner. I highly recommend them.

Jed Castelbaum
It's About Health

As a Transformational Coach, I am in the business of inspiring and empowering people to live their passions and their dreams uniting vision with infinite possibilities. Being an authorized reseller of Q-Link products has greatly increased my business and because the products enhance human performance, my clients report amazing increases in energy and balance as well as decreased stress and positive health changes. How exciting it is to be part of the Clarus family, whose products help and support my clients reach their dreams. I believe in the products they sell themselves! and anytime I can be of service to humanity, thats a real bonus!

Paulette Esposito
EagleStar Consulting

When I learned about Q-Link products, I was very excited about the possible benefits for my patients and the financial opportunity working with Q-Link offered my business. I proceeded with caution based upon past experience of introducing new products from other companies that had proven to create more headaches than benefits. I have been pleasantly surprised with the ease of working with the Q-Link team. From the time of our initial contact to our first order to our on-going relationship, the Q-Link team has treated my company and myself like family. Their customer service is excellent and extremely responsiive to all our inquiries. I am also very impressed by the effectiveness of their product. It is easy for me to recommend and stand behind Q-Link products because my family members and I use them with great benefit. It has been a pleasure working with the Q-Link family. Id like to thank them for sharing technology that has been so helpful for my patients and my own family.

Thomas A. Moorcroft, DO
Origins Of Health

Q-Link .......at Discover Wellness is what we all wear! In our world of "electric" everything.....Q-Link has found a way to protect and enhance our energy to the core. Since wearing the Q-Link consistently, we have more energy for our patients, a calmness and a positive life focus. We have continual positive comments on our "good" energy. We see extreme changes in attitude even with our children ages 3,7, and 12 (especially!). Personally, I have recently been able to return to playing my favorite sport of tennis. Considering my age I thought those days of playing this game was finished. I again play with strength and energy that I haven't played with in many years. The aches and pains are not as noticeable either which is a great plus! I waited unfortunately to purchase my Q-Link for several months...oh how I wish that I had bought it earlier!! It has been a wonderful discovery that enhances every part of my life. You have Discover Wellness staff as life customers.

Dr. Michael, Dr. Abigail and Gigi

Ready to get started? Questions?

Contact a Q-Link sales representative at (877) 658-2498 or fill out our online application today!

Retail Packaging and POS/POP Solutions

Q-Link packaging is compact, simply engineered and designed for maximum retail impact. On the inside, each product is custom fitted to an injection molded tray and an all-product brochure is included. On the outside, a transparent window allows convenient viewing of each product type without removal from package. Integrated hang tabs allow for versatile retail presentation and artistic gloss effects attract attention. CLEAR POP/POS (point of sale/point of purchase) display cradles 10 CLEAR SKU's - and is free with every 10 CLEAR SKU's purchased.


CLEAR Single and 5PK