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Partner with the Industry Pioneer


Since 1991, Clarus has been a recognized leader in the field of subtle energy research - integrating its propriety discoveries into streamlined consumer products - under its Q-Link brand - designed to balance and optimize the body's function.


Q-Link is offered through partners in more than 55 countries - with footholds in alternative/complimentary health, wellness, fitness and sports market segments - including Professional Golf - where in that sport alone more than 350 Touring Pros have been known to wear and excel while using the product.


Clarus and Q-Link lead the space with research and testing platforms that reach beyond the subjective - demonstrating real and measurable improvements in a variety of biochemical systems. And the science of SRT goes well beyond the human realm - also demonstrating it's ability to positively influence and add value to materials, consumables, technology, agriculture and more.


The Q-Link Brand and it's core technology, SRT, offer unparalleled research, science, application, credibility, history and market segment recognition - no other brand or technology in the same space comes close.


Q-Link Ambassadors like six-time Olympian Anne Audain bring attention and credibility to athletic markets.