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As a potential Q-Link business partner, we know you have questions. Below are those most commonly asked.

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

There is no fee to join our affiliate/referral programs.

What determines my wholesale discount rate?

In most instances, the quantity of products in your purchase determines your discount rate. Complete program details will be made available upon application.

How long does it take to get approved?

Most applications are reviewed, and a sales rep will follow up, within 1-2 business days. Upon approval and agreement to terms and conditions, accounts usually become activated within 1 business day.

Do you offer sales, marketing and technical support?

All Q-Link business programs feature human support. Additionally, all approved members receive password access to the Q-Link business support center featuring a variety of sales, marketing and support assets and features. Learn more about these resources here.

What do I use the Q-Link Business portal for?

Think of the business portal as a support center for maximizing your Q-Link sales and marketing efforts. Official Q-Link product image, research and media libraries - and other tools such as the affiliate commission center and access to authorized reseller/affiliate web seals are just a few of the available resources you'll find.

How do I get credit for affiliate/referred sales?

Whenever you refer a customer through your affiliate link and they make a purchase in the same session - or when your customer enters your affliate ID number at checkout, our system will automatically attribute the sale to you and reward your commission accordingly. Customers placing phone orders are asked where they heard of Q-Link - so commissions can be awarded in this way also. You may monitor your traffic and sales commissions real time from with the Q-Link Business Portal.

How often are affiliate commissions paid?

Payments are made monthly on commission balances of $50 or greater. Commission balances not meeting the $50 threshhold for payment are carried forward to the next month.

What is the difference between MRP and Wholesale?

"MRP" means "Minimum Retail Price" - what we request you maintain when selling our products. "Wholesale" means the discounted amount you pay for Q-Link products you are authorized to sell to your customer.

What's the difference between an Affiliate and Retailer?

Affiliates don't carry inventory, process payments, fulfill orders or handle customer service - they simply connect their potential customers with our website; they often share a passionate testimonial/recommendation along the way - and earn a commission when an order is placed. A retailer purchases products at discount - resells them to their customer at MRP - then keeps the difference.
For example: An Affiliate who refers a customer who purchases a $99.95 Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 Pendant would receive a standard 20% commission of $19.99. A retailer who purcases the same pendant at 40% discount pays $59.97, sells it for $99.95, and keeps the difference of $39.98 as profit.

Can a retailer also be an affiliate?

Yes. Retailers have full access to affiliate tools and resources, allowing them greater flexibility in selling and marketing our products.

Can affiliates purchase inventory at wholesale?

Affiliates are not permitted to make wholesale purchases. Affiliates wishing to attain retailer status must first participate and invest in a wholesale program.

Do you offer drop shipping?

Yes. There is a $10 drop ship fee for wholesale orders under $120.00 + applicable shipping and handling. Your normal discount rate applies.

Can I sell on eBay or Amazon?

Unless expressely authorized by Clarus/Q-Link, business partners may not sell on eBay, Amazon or other similar venues.